Here at CW HQ we have had many enquiries from first time exhibitors.  We are really happy to help out where we can with advice.

It may be daunting to exhibit for the first time but don’t be scared.  What’s your biggest worry?? You don’t sell anything?  You don’t know how to set up a stand?  You think insurance will cost hundreds of pounds? You are not too good at selling your products? You don’t think anyone will like your products?

Selling on the day should be thought of as a bonus, remember, this is your chance to introduce the world to what amazing things you can do. Many sales happen after an event.  Just remember to let people know how they can contact you when they get home with that ‘I wish I had bought that…’ thought.

Setting up your stand doesn’t need to be expensive.  Make your stand interesting.  Think of a way to get your products up to eye level by creating tiered stands. An easy way of doing this is by placing any old box, (that can take the weight of your product and is stable), on the table then covering the whole area with a bed sheet, curtain or duvet.

Clearly label your products.  People sometimes are afraid to ask the price of goods on offer.

Insurance does not need to be expensive. There are many artist insurance companies out there and it can start at as little as £38 for the year.

When a customer approaches your stand, get out of your chair, make eye contact, smile and say’ Hi, how are you?’  Its that simple.  If they then want to talk ask them where they are from. If they don’t want to chat just let them browse.  There is nothing worse than a pushy sales person.

Having your first stand will help you find out what people like and what they are willing to pay. That does not mean that if nothing sells its all rubbish! Let your stand be a window to the world. Let them see how amazing you are!

Creative Whithorn aims to get our producers to the public.  If we can help you, we will!

Let’s get Wigtownshire on the Creative map of Scotland.